The Performing Songwriter Magazine
October 2000
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Distinguishing oneself within the crowded field of folk pop composers is no easy feat these days, but Diane Zeigler is not your average songwriter.  After releasing her acclaimed solo debut back in 1995, Zeigler learned she was pregnant with her first child, and for the next three years she dedicated herself to giving birth and raising her two children.  If These Are The Roots is any indication, motherhood had the tangential benefit of enriching her approach to songwriting.

Drawing from the circumstances of her life (both its highs and its lows), Zeigler constructs graceful vingnettes that exude a spirit of resolve and affirmation.  Supported by a cast of backers that includes T-Bone Wolk (organ, accordian), Artie Traum (acoustic guitar), Dean Sharp (drums), Geoff Sather (bass), Josh Colow (electric guitar), and The Stockwell Brothers Band, Zeigler similar offers up sturdy, acoustic flavored compositions that deal in matters of family and commitment.  Perhaps best of all the singer conveys her heartfelt ruminations in a voice that's as resonant and beautiful as the Vermont countryside in which she was raised.