Diane Zeigler - photo by Sarah Lavoie

"She has a gift for penning reflective personal anthems
that turn hard truths to life-affirming purpose….
The lilting folk-pop melodies are graceful, spacious and memorable; the lyrics intelligent, image-rich but never forced,
wise and heartfelt." -The Boston Globe

Diane Zeigler - photo by Adam Frehm
Winter 2007
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January 2007
WE ARE OVERJOYED TO ANNOUNCE THE BIRTH OF OUR SON, Declan Patrick Sather, born 12/11/06, who joins Nell (age 10 ) and Jaimen (age 8).I'm also happy to announce that December in VT just won the 2006 Best Holiday Album Award at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Hollywood, CA. Here are some photos:

4 weeks old

sleepy kids
Declan 4 weeks old
Declan and Biscuit

Declan 4 weeks old

with sister Nell

Declan 4 weeks old

one week old Jaimen (age 8)  and Declan (one day) with Daddy Geoff Sather and brother Jaimen (age 8)

April 2006

Ooohh what an amazing place. I'm in Alaska with Brooks Williams, one of my favorite acoustic artists working today. We're travelling around the Anchorage area (Talkeetna, Palmer, Anchorage and Tok) this week. I've waited my whole life to come here....only wish my family was here to enjoy it with me. Here are some photos - Click on an image to view a larger photo:

Zig by the Matanuska River, Palmer
Matanuska River, Palmer
Moose by the roadside on the way home from Tok
CHECK IT OUT! We saw a moose! I screamed to Brooks to stop the car to get a photo...
Mommy moose comes after her babe
...then Brooks realizes that I'm taking pictures of a young moose and mom pops her head up from the road....
uh oh...
Zig and Brooks run back the car
....snapped this shot as I was running back to the car to avoid being charged...!
Concert promoter Bud Johnson's license plate - the legendary "Folk DJ" in Tok, AK
Concert promoter Bud Johnson's license plate - the legendary "Folk DJ" in Tok, AK
Zig and Brooks at Whole Wheat Radio:  www.wholewheatradio.com
With Brooks Williams

Tour Manager and road dog Jeff Clarke with the best white cake in Palmer
Palmer Hay Flats and the
Palmer Hay Flats and the
Chugach Mountains
Downtown Takeetna
Downtown Talkeetna!
Whole Wheat Radio Concert - Talkeetna, AK
Whole Wheat Radio Talkeetna, AK
Whole Wheat Radio Talkeetna, AK
Whole Wheat Radio Talkeetna, AK
Brooks by the Matanuska River, Palmer
Brooks by the Matanuska River, Palmer
Zig and Brooks in Palmer, AK
Vagabond Blues in Palmer
View from the car - Chugach Mountains
View from the car window on the way to Palmer, AK

The breathtaking drive from Palmer to Tok

The Matanuska Glacier...first time in my life I've ever seen a glacier...

Here's a recent article on me that appeared recently in the Plattsburgh Press Republican.

November 2005

Last month I travelled with Geoff and Adam to play the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, among other venues. (A video of our performance is archived on the Kennedy Center's website). We had a fabulous time...below are a few pics. Thanks to Kris Garnjost at the Washington Times for doing a feature to promote the shows. The article is posted below. Thanks for visiting!

In front of the White House before the show...
(sadly, we didn't get an invite to
meet our fearless leader!)

Zig at KC Soundcheck

Geoff, Zig, Adam at Kennedy Center

Outdoor House Concert in VA

Zig & Adam


October 13, 2005 Thursday
Copyright 2005 News World Communications, Inc.
The Washington Times

Sometimes musicians make choices that lead them off the typical career track. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't matter.

When singer-songwriter Diane Zeigler found out she was pregnant, just after the release of her 1995 debut album, "The Sting of the Bee," on Rounder Records, her career track and the critical praise for her album didn't matter. She just put her career on hold and went home to Vermont to raise her family.

Ten years later she's back, as back as one can be and still take care of two children 10 and under.

"Over the last five years, I've been slowly coming back to the music biz," Miss Zeigler says. "I'm just touring a lot more than I have. I've been dipping my toe in the pond, so to speak, and now I'm up to my ankles."

Her expanding tour schedule brings her to the Washington area this weekend, playing four shows in three days. She has a house concert in Manassas on Saturday and two in Washington on Sunday, including one in the thriving "Live at the Deej" series.

On Monday, she brings her clear, beautiful, expressive voice to the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage for a free performance.

Her return brings her back from both a physical and an emotional distance. From 1995 to 1999 she stayed completely away from touring and performing - though not from songwriting.

In 1999, one of her new songs won first prize in the songwriting competition at the famous Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Later that year she put together and self-released her second album, "These are the Roots," and exceeded the expectations of her first. Two more albums of touching, honest, uplifting songs followed over the next few years along with her slow return to touring.

Despite the effort needed to rebuild her career, Miss Zeigler has never second-guessed her choice.

"It was crystal clear to me," she says. "I don't know that it was entirely about being pregnant and having a child. I felt like I was standing on the
precipice of my future when I signed with Rounder. I saw my life plan. I saw how I was going to live for the next 10 years."

After putting her two children through their first years in school, Miss Zeigler took another look at her career. "I felt that I still had more that I wanted to say and more that I wanted to do," she says.

She didn't have to start from scratch. The Internet has allowed her to keep in touch with her fan base. She released her last album, a Christmas album entitled "December in Vermont," in November 2004, and it sold 3,000 copies in the first month - from only an e-mail to her fans.


October 2005

Well, I finally got new promo shots taken...long overdue! This one was taken by Adam Frehm of Photography Vermont (you may also know Adam as the dobroist in my band). To view more shots visit the photos page on my site. I truly hate to get my picture taken and Adam made this a painless (if not pleasurable) experience! You can get in touch with him via his website if you're shopping for a photographer.

Last weekend I was in MA opening for Carrie Newcomer; she's a great artist and a good soul. This past weekend I was close to home opening for Will Ackerman (here's a photo of us backstage):

With Windham Hill Records Founder
Will Ackerman


This weekend I'll be doing a tour of the DC area and Adam Frehm (dobro) and my husband Geoff Sather (bass) will come along. The Washington Times will be doing a short feature on me in the Thursday 10/13 issue in the "Riffs" column; it will be posted here when available. In addition to doing some house concerts we'll be playing at The Kennedy Center, which is an honor indeed. I remain grateful to Senator Jim Jeffords who originally nominated me a few years ago to perform there for Vermont State Day; this will be my second visit to the center.

I hope you'll come out to a show in the next few months! I know it's a drag to pay those ticket prices when the economy is stressed like it is, but live music feeds the soul and beats the tube don't you think???

July 2005

Check out the beautiful new double CD tribute to Rachel Bissex at www.rachelbissex.org. Featuring Rachel's songs as recorded by Dar Williams with Patty Larkin, Jennifer Kimball, Tret Fure, Lucy Blue Tremblay myself, and others. All proceeds go to benefit the college fund of Rachel's children, Matt and Emma.

February 21, 2005
How does one say goodbye to Rachel Bissex?  She died early in the morning yesterday of breast cancer.  I don't think I've ever known anyone who loved being a musician more than she did.  I am just so sad and stunned, as all of her friends are.  Her CDs are all available at www.rachelbissex.com...check out "In White Light", her most recent and my favorite Rachel release.