–Fish Records Catalog, (England)

It's been five years since Diane's excellent album "Sting Of The Honeybee" on Philo - in the intervening time she has raised her young family and written and recorded the fourteen songs on this disc.  Her songwriting is as sharp as ever, mainly drawing from her own life experiences, she creates vivid slices of real life that have great character and are easy to relate to.  The songs cover tender and emotive subjects and she handles them all with tact and elegance, she manages to steer clear of well worn cliches - resulting in fresh, thought provoking and often disarming songs.  Diane's voice is distinctive, clear and expressive, and it works perfectly with the predominantly acoustic accompaniment and allows the strong melodies of the tracks to shine through.  There's lots of subtlety in depth to the music - it is acoustic guitar based, but there are some tremendous elements, such as the accordian and pump organ adding depth to some of the songs.  After many repeated plays, it's difficult to pick highlights from this disc - it's a stylish and classy collection from start to finish, and one that has much to offer fans of acoustic singer songwriters.

–Fish Records Catalog, (England)  www.fishrecords.co.uk